Cahal Pech & Xunantunich Maya Cities

Cahal Pech Xunantunich 1 Xunantunich 2

    Cayo, Belize’s westernmost District, is home to some of the most impressive Maya cities in Belize. A scenic 3-hour drive along the Hummingbird & Western Highways brings you to the bustling market town of San Ignacio, which sits high above the Macal River. The journey continues west and brings you within a mile of the Guatemalan border.

    Here you will cross the Mopan River on a hand cranked ferry to access the Ancient Maya City of Xunantunich (pronounced shoo-nan-tu-nitch) or Stone Maiden. This fascinating ruin has several plazas and a large selection of classic period structures. It is a major ceremonial center situated high on a limestone ridge. Those ambitious enough to hike to the top of El Castillo, the tallest structure on the site, will be rewarded with panoramic views of Belize and Guatemala.

    You will enjoy lunch at a local restaurant along the way before visiting the ruins of Cahal Pech. This medium-sized Maya center comprises 34 structures compacted in a small area covering slightly more than 2 acres. It has the second oldest structure in the Mayan world. Cahal Pech was first developed during the Preclassic period (1000 BC to AD 200) and abandoned around 800 AD.

    Info & Rates

    Distance: 2 1/2-Hour Drive

    Duration: Full-day Tour

    Lunch: Cultural Maya Lunch

    Price: US$160.00 per person

    *Requires a minimum of 4 persons.

    What To Bring

    • Hat
    • Camera
    • Sneakers
    • Bug Spray
    • Binoculars
    • Sun Screen

    Difficulty Level: Easy-Moderate