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The Best Time to Visit Belize0

By ArleneJuly 17, 2013 •

The best time to visit belize

So, you have decided on Belize for your vacation. Naturally, this leads you to question when is the best time to visit Belize. In this stressed-out world, any month is a good time for a great vacation. However, there are some more advantageous times than others to travel to this paradise.  To determine which time is the best time for your vacation, take into consideration factors like the weather, the types of activities you enjoy and the local events.


Belize has a rainy season and a dry season. Typically, the rainy season runs June to November. This is the off-season, and if rain doesn’t ‘dampen’ your enthusiasm, you can go for less. The showers during this time are sporadic and only lasts a few minutes- unless there is a tropical depression around.Coinciding with the rainy season is hurricane season. While Belize is not a magnet for hurricanes, they do occasionally occur. The dry season spans from about December to the end of May. This is high season, and rates are at their highest. Of course, this is also when temperatures are coldest in the US, Canada and Europe making this Central American paradise the perfect winter getaway. And when the holidays roll around, why not escape all the hustle and bustle of the season, and take your family to Belize for a tropical vacation.


Is history your thing? Do you identify with those Spanish conquistadors who once prowled the Belizean landscape? Or are you a modern-day Jacques Cousteau? Belize has something unique for every explorer, and whatever your passion, you will be thrilled. Listed below are some of the most popular attractions. Some activities are more conducive to the dry season, so remember this when making your plans.

Belize Barrier Reef – This is the world’s third biggest coral reef and a haven for SCUBA divers and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Mayan Ruins – Discover the ‘abodes’ of Belize’s earliest inhabitants – the Mayas.

Jungle – Zip-line through Belize’s beautiful jungle.


If you enjoy festivals, then you will want to consider these favorites:

International Costa Maya Festival (August)

Belize Carnival (September)


Cashew Festival (May)

Chocolate Festival (May)

Lobsterfest (June)

Whenever you choose to visit Belize, you will have a spectacular time.  Do not worry; what you do not see this time you can explore on your next Belizean adventure.

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