Welcome to Hopkins Bay

Ideally situated at the edge of Belize, on the Caribbean Sea, in the heart of the cozy Garifuna village of Hopkins Bay. Voted friendliest city in Belize and otherwise known as the real Belize. If you want the authentic experience in Belize, welcome home.

The real Belize has a way of bringing out the real you. Your best you. There’s jungle for your inner hiker and inner zipliner. There's reefs for your inner snorkeler and flats for your inner fisherman. There's waterfalls for your inner rappeller and ancient Mayan Ruins for your inner explorer. And don't forget, the Rhum Bar for your inner pina colada drinker.

Daredevils and beach bums rejoice. We’ve taken care of all the little details standing between you and your next “ooh” and “ahh”. The hardest decision you’ll have to make at Hopkins Bay is which palm tree you’d like to swing on a hammock from at the end of the day.  Book your beachfront stay today. Belize can’t wait to meet you.