Hopkins Bay Resort 2018 Charity Program

Please consider matching our $1 per night charitable donation next time you stay with us

We are thrilled to announce our 2018 charity program. We donate $1 for every reservation, every night. If you are staying at Hopkins Bay Resort in the coming months, we invite you to take a look at the charities we will be working with and ask you to match our donations during your stay.


Ambulance for Hopkins



Help Age


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Primary School


Sporting Clubs & Facilities


There are numerous sporting clubs within the Hopkins and Dangriga.  These clubs include sports such as basketball and soccer which are the most played ones in this region. Majority of these sports are played by teenagers that are in elementary schools, high school, junior colleges and adults that are athletic. The kids usually get together on weekends or after school to have a game of fun.

Cayo Deaf Institute


Primary School


Cancer Society 


Back to School Supplies


We are always filled with joy when giving to the community especially when our future stars are involved. Education is the key to success and we are happy in assisting these kids opening new doors to new opportunities. Children are the future of tomorrow so we as adults, who are just borrowing this land needs to set a space for their future in order for them to have a successful life.

Humane Society


The Hopkins Belize Humane Society is dedicated to the care and education of animals and people in Hopkins Village, as well as promoting partnership with humane organizations throughout Belize and Central America. It is an organization committed to the care and welfare of animals and people in Hopkins Village, Belize... and beyond. Several times a year, free spay/neuter and treatment clinics are coordinated through U.S. and Belize volunteers. Supplies and funds are needed for purchase, shipment and other expenses associated with these clinics. All donated supplies and funds are 100% used to benefit the HBHS.

Police & Police Cadet


The Police Cadet has a small group of 105, all are going to school and participating in the training of the Police officers every evening after school. They are trained to be respectful, to protect themselves and learn about positive skills to use when faced by rocky roads. This is a nonprofit group who need help to provide snacks, uniforms, and sometimes even scholarships for them to attend high school when their parents can’t afford it. Eventually after they have received their education they become professional police officers to protect the country or area they live in. Their goal was to provide an alternative to many negative and self-defeating activities prevalent in our society in the early 1990’s. Both females and males are members of the Cadets and Police.

Cultural Activities - Village council & Schools


Christmas food hampers


Hopkins Village was established in 1942 as a replacement for a village further up its northern coast, Called New Town, which was devastated by a hurricane. It is the largest Garifuna Village in Belize, bordered by the Maya Mountains and the Cockscomb Range inland and the Caribbean Sea on the coast. Hopkins is considered the cultural center of the Garinagu population by most Belizeans. 

Today, Hopkins is a small but vibrant community of approximately 3000 Garifuna, Creole, Maya, Indians, Mestizo and foreigners Who make up the culturally diverse village. Most villagers are subsistent Farmers and fishermen who have learned to utilize the fertile lands as well as their proximity to the Caribbean Sea. They have also begun sharing their knowledge, tradition and skills with visitors to Belize, adding an enriching experience to visitors’ stay. Through our food hampers, we will be able to feed our community during the holiday season.