Leave only footprints

Muy’Ono is committed to preserving the beautiful, yet fragile, natural environment that is the main attraction in Belize. We focus on eliminating any potential negative environmental impact associated with our operations and encourage our guests to do the same. 


  • Use and refill your complimentary water bottle

  • Reuse your towels to reduce water and chemical waste

  • Turn off lights and air conditioners when you leave your room

  • Minimize water use (turn off taps when shaving or brushing teeth)

  • Respect local cultures and customs

  • Dispose of trash responsibly and recycle where possible

  • When diving and snorkeling, never touch plant/animal life and minimize fin movement (which stirs up sand that can choke the reef)

  • Never chase an animal (on land or under water)

  • Join environmental groups and support environmental causes

  • Donate to the local community (match our $2 BZD per room, per night donation)